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Just after we moved into our house, we framed out and put up drywall in our basement. We did this as a place to put the dogs during the day where they could not mess anything up. We finished the walls, painted them, and put up trim in a hurry because Link (our male husky) likes to eat unfinished drywall. We never got around to finishing the rest though, since we don’t use it much. So the ceiling is still unfinished and the floor is concrete.


(Original Basement, no walls or ceiling)

Now we get to the present, and we want to use this space. It will still need to be dog proof, but we also want Tobias to be able to play down here and in the yard, and would like to put up a climbing wall for us to play on. I told Ryan if he wants a climbing wall down there, he needs to finish the space first. That got him motivated and the project restarted.


(Where we started this week, dusty and dirty)

There is a lot that needs to happen before that climbing wall gets built though.

The first thing is the ceiling. It needs to be mudded, sanded, and painted. We want to get this done before we start on the floor for two reasons. First, the sanding gets dust everywhere and is a mess. Second, this way we don’t have to worry about paint drips on the floor.


(floor swept and mopped, so that Tobias could play while I worked)

The next step is to clean the floor and level it. We are going to rent an industrial floor scrubber to really get this floor clean. It has had dogs tracking mud on it for 5 years now, so could use a deep clean. We will then put down self leveling cement to make a good surface for pennies to be laid on. Right now we have a few cracks and low spots that need to be fixed, and we want to do this right.

Then comes the process of laying the pennies.We have decided to do a design on the floor to make it stand out a bit more. We will be cleaning and darkening around 800,000 pennies to put down, need to start collecting pennies now. Once the pennies are down, we will grout the floor, and put a polyurethane coating over it for protection.

Penny Floor Design

(Design we are looking at thanks to Tonya Tooners)

After the flooring is done, we will repaint the walls. The original color we put in the basement was a dark brown. It has worked pretty well as covering up mud that the dogs splash on it, but now that we are going to be using the space, I want to lighten the walls up a bit, and choose a color that will make the floor standout. Right now I am thinking a grey color, but will see once the floor is done.

Finally, we can then start on the climbing wall. We know the location that we are going to put it, but haven’t come up with the final design yet.

Climbing wall Idea

(Possible design for the climbing wall thanks to atomic climbing)

And there we have it. Sounds simple enough on paper, now to get it done.

via Our Basement — Home Grown House

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