Ceramic Tiletop Coffee Table- Elysee Joy

I love a good thrift store find. I love it even more when a thrift store finds becomes a quick project!

I found this beauty at a local thrift store.


The table is made of particle board and covered in a brown wood laminate. Since the table isn’t exactly level (it slopes 1/8″ to the middle), they sold it to me for $20. The main reason I chose to still buy it was because each of the corners are screwed (not glued) together. In my experience, this is a mark of a more solid piece, even if it’s particle board.  Also, it’s a big coffee table, measuring 50″ x 30″ x 19″.


I figured it was worth the $20 chance to see if I could make a beautiful custom piece for our home.

Parts of the laminate had bubbled up, so I sanded those out so the final look will be smooth. I spray painted the table with Valspar® Color Radiance flat spray paint in Rivera Dune.

I considered putting glass in the open spaces so the cool bottom shelf design would show through, but ceramic tile is much sturdier for a high use furniture piece. Also, Lowe’s will cut ceramic tile pieces for free! I purchased four 18″ x 24″ tiles for $3.85 each – way cheaper than glass. Lowe’s cut them to 11″ x 21″ to fit the open spaces.

The final hurdle, that I did not anticipate, was that the tiles were to thick and set above the wood frame. I had to cut down the wood shelf 1 centimeter, using a utility knife and a stainless steel putty knife.


I should have double checked that the tiles fit before I painted. After I cut out the wood so the shelves would fit, I had to re-spray paint to touch up the parts that were banged up.

I put the tiles into place and tapped them down using a rubber mallet with a towel on top of the tile to keep it from cracking. During the tamping process some of the corners were a little banged up, which required some touch up spray paint.


Masking tape is my friend.

Final cost:

$20 table
$3.85 x 4 ceramic tiles
$4.98 x 3 cans of spray paint
= $50.34 for a custom coffee table!




On to the next find!

via Ceramic Tile Top Coffee Table — Elyse Joy Haines

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