Fireplace Makeover- DYI

Who doesn’t love a big fireplaces made of rock – or at least rock-looking veneer (cost, people.. cost!). One of the coolest features of this home was the full-height fireplace, extending all the way up to the 2nd floor ceiling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any “Before” pics – I know, rookie mistake – but the fireplace WAS veneered with medium sized river rock castings for the lower surround, and was then plain drywall/texturing up to the ceiling. Why not take it a step further, and extend the rock all the way up? Yes, let’s do that.


Spoiler alert – these last couple photos also show the new bamboo flooring, millwork (trim), ceiling fan, LED lighting and other features of the finished remodel. A unique touch was added in the fireplace itself, using crushed blue glass for the base and river rock from the nearby creek.


via Fireplace Makeover — The Life of Po

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