Fixer upper: Austin Stone- DYI

those of you that know me, know that i love the show fixer upper, and joanna gaines can do no wrong. over the past months i have tried in vain to convince mark to let me incorporate some joanna-style touches in our house (namely, shiplap) to no avail. however, there is one element that mark agreed to quickly: a new fireplace.

there were some problems with the old fireplace. first, it wasn’t completely up to current codes, and the subfloor underneath was rotting (see previous post), so it was going to have to be ripped out anyway. also, it was so ugly. it might have been pretty at one time, but the prior owners had put a pickling treatment on the wood facing that really didn’t look very nice. see photo evidence below.


to that end, i knew the fireplace had to change. enter the joanna gaines style: one element that she often incorporates in houses is a stone fireplace. since we live in texas, it felt totally appropriate to design a fireplace with the stacked austin stone that is so common here, as it is sourced from the white limestone quarries outside of austin, texas.

jim the contractor totally got the vision. his mason sourced the stone for us, and he found a rough cedar mantle and vintage corbels to complete the fireplace. the new one is a thing of beauty.

the fireplace is going to be so beautiful once the walls and wainscoting are painted (note the wainscoting was also pickled) and the floors have been refinished.

we are moving right along with the house. mark and i picked the countertops for the kitchen this week and those should be installed sometime in the next few weeks. there is still painting to be done, the floors need to be refinished, and other cosmetic things need to be fixed. we are on track to have the contractor done by the first week of may so we can move!


via fixer upper friday: austin stone — adventures of a twenty-something

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