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The first Peer-to-Peer tool rental app- Why buy it when you can rent it from a neighbor?


About us:

Local- Circle is a self-managed tool library powered by community members. Our platform allows “Sellers” to earn money by leasing their idle tools, while “Buyers” can use those tools to work on their home projects. You know, those projects that you don’t want to buy tools for.

We make it easy to offer tools, manage scheduling, and process payments, providing an incentive for communities to become more sustainable.

Visit our blog regularly to learn new DYI tips. Are you ready to start a new project?

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How does Local-Circle contribute to the Sharing Economy?

Local Circle gives you the freedom to earn extra income, build more resilient communities and a more sustainable future together by sharing the tools you already own. Join the community, it is free to list your tools! Are you ready for a new experience?

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